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Cars & Stars is a show that talks about the latest trends of cars.
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Hello, and thanks for stopping by :)… My Name is Taiwo Onalaja, and I am a media entrepreneur and keen automotive enthusiast – Like many of you, I’m really interested in all things CARS!!  I’m also the Executive Producer & Host of The CARS AND STARS Television Show.

As the Host, I will be presenting you, our viewers with Exciting, Informative and Entertaining  Car  reviews, as well as engaging interviews with the show’s guests; unveiling their personalities, automotive tastes, as well as views on popular issues and hot topics on the  Nigerian scene.   We’ll also be going through interesting Local & International Auto Industry Updates on every episode of the show… a powerful viewing experience!!

As Executive Producer, along with our Partners and Talented Production crew, we are poised to drive (no pun intended) the direction of the show, making CARS AND STARS your Number 1 Premium Go-To source for all your automotive entertainment and informative needs. CARS AND STARS will remain relevant with the latest and the best cutting edge content on the Nigerian and International Auto Industry.  Another key area of significance for our show will be to constantly provide you, our  viewers with helpful Hints and Tips on Driving, Maintenance and Safety, and hope to keep you enjoying your daily motoring experience.

I hope to constantly see you here too, on our Official Blog, as we begin this amazing journey TOGETHER!!!

Thanks and see you again soon.

Taiwo Onalaja.

Taiwo Onalaja
  • Toks

    Nice one!

  • Olayinka

    I watched the show for the first time last night on GoTV and i must say…. i think i found a reason to start watching TV again…. At a point my wife….. was like…. are you alright? Knowing fully well i only watch news on TV and i’m out!….. but you did a review and comparism on Benz and Peguot 508. While you emphasized on the 1.8L engine on the 508 and its fuel efficiency, you only mentioned that the benze is a 3.0 or 3.6 i think then you are silent on it’s fuel efficiency…. hahaha…lol got you… the point is…. it far from it right? Lets just leave benz cars for the rich and wealthy……
    By the way… good job! and i await a review on the Honda Accord V6 1999-2000 model i drive….lol….

  • Adebe Tochukwu Kingsley

    Adebe Tochukwu Kingsley

    Wonderful show, watched my 1st show on GOtv today and it futured Mustang and Chevolet awesome muscle cars, I’m hoping to be on this show